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Healthcare IT Engineering Services

US healthcare ecosystem has been in constant flux since ARRA owing to regulations/changes such as Meaningful Use, MACRA, VBC, Bundled payments, ICD10|5010, 7030 (for sake of brevity) etc. These have brought a sea of change to the way Healthcare software solutions are designed, used and looked at. Healthcare technology has absorbed an array of standards (HL7, EDI, CCDA, FHIR, IHE etc.) already and there are others in the waiting.

We realize that as for technology leadership, a few ingredients you seek in a healthcare software partner are as follows.

Nalashaa has consciously chosen to excel at these

Familiarity with
Experience with
Knowledge of

Things we can do for you

We know that different organizations are at different stages of technological maturity. And, having spent a considerable time in the US healthcare space, we also realize that one size doesn’t fit all. That is why, depending on where you are in your journey of technology evolution, you may find one of the following relevant.

We help you build enterprise class solutions that make sense to the end users and are easy for you to maintain. While technology expertise is an important ingredient to building quality solutions, the journey through the development becomes hell of a lot easier if one understands the context, business workflows and standards.

An amalgamation of the two is what positions us to

  • Enable your existing or new solution for cloud (Azure, AWS)
  • Optimize business workflows using our US healthcare expertize
  • Minimize maintenance efforts using our framework driven approach
  • Ensure compliance with regulations and standards such as HIPAA, MACRA, HL7, EDI etc.
  • Make your solution talk to the ecosystem easily using HL7, EDI, FHIR, CCDA, QRDA and whatever the CMS throws your way
  • Cater to ALL your needs - Development, Integration, QA, Automation testing, Release & Deployment, Data
  • integration, Reporting and Analytics

With the consumerism wave, most if not all solutions within enterprises are heading the mobile way. Along the way came IoT. Ever since, providers and payers have been trying to utilize different devices (fitness bands, pedometers, RFIDs etc.) and get a more accurate, unbiased, real-time and automated way to picture of reality. We have been doing it for quite a while and can help you actualize a higher degree of digitization in your business by

  • Building new mobile apps – Native (Android, iOS, MS), Cross platform
  • Extending your existing solutions to mobile platforms
  • Integrating consumer devices to help you get a more accurate view of the patients/subscribers
  • Leveraging devices in the provider environment for better medication adherence, infection control, asset utilization and much more.

We realize that time-tested applications work like a charm However, this predictability with their behaviour comes at a cost with time. This cost could be the cost of maintaining them, the effort in finding people experienced legacy technologies, inability to talk to the evolving ecosystem around you and so on. That’s why, when you decide its time to move on, we help you

  • By documenting the legacy application behaviour, organization and the finer nuances
  • Reengineer the business processes to eliminate the constraints you have been living with this far
  • ‘Salvaging’ as much code as we can to ‘retain’ the predictability of behaviour
  • Transforming what matters the most - the end-user ‘experience’

Modern consumers using Uber, Airbnb and many other slick apps face a dissonance when it comes to enterprise applications. Given the timeframe when these were built, UX of most of these solutions isn’t in the same zip code as consumer expectations. Which is why, to delight your end-users, we adopt a scientific approach to provide intuitive and delightful experience by.

  • Analysing the persona of the end users, fitting it with the context and identifying productivity challenges
  • Designing the user experience based on the user journey and priorities
  • Developing reliable solutions that deliver superior, consistent user experience across platforms

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