Healthcare solution development firms in the US are wedged between perennially evolving regulations, already frustrated healthcare providers, unforgiving competition and demanding consumers. Innovation in ideas, agility in execution, quality of deliverables and judicious use of resources are implicit centrepieces for success.

These are the ingredients we bring to all our relationships at Nalashaa.

Nalashaa Credentials

As a custom healthcare software development services company, we have spanned the US healthcare ecosystem across market segments, solutions, standards and regulations.

  • 120K+
    Providers enabled
  • 90M+
    Encounters touched
  • 1B+
    Transactions clocked
  • 25+
    MU certifications
  • 100+
    Solutions built
  • 10+
    Years in healthcare

Challenges we Address

From experience, we have noticed that often HIT organizations miss out on a few things that should be implicit expectations from a Custom healthcare software development company as their partner.

Partners in

We contribute, critique and improve the solutions from a business perspective, with you. Not a one way street!

No Mystical

Total and complete visibility so you know what the troops on the ground are doing. Transparency inspires trust!

& Ownership

We keep an eye on regulations, the market and on our processes for a proactive stance. It matters to you, it matters to us!


Adapting to evolving priorities, we vary the size and composition of the team. Quick reflexes imply efficiency.

What Differentiates Us

If our thoughts above resonate with your vision, below are a few things that might delight you during execution.

US Healthcare Expertise

Not just technologists, we bring in US healthcare specialists on the team too.

Collective Learning

We apply the experience we gain from each engagement to shorten our learning curve.

User Sensibilities

With UX Designers on board, we don’t just build ‘functional’ solutions, we bring delight.

An eye for Regulations

While focusing on end-customer needs, we inject regulatory mandates in your roadmap.

More ‘me-time’ for you

Through accountability and simplified execution, we reduce the time/oversight spent.

Let's Build Healthcare Technology Together

Talk to our healthcare IT experts to shape your ideas into delightful products

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