Meaningful Use Stage3 Certification for Puerto Rico based EHR vendor

Ground-up EHR development MU3 Certification for a Michigan based Podiatry Product Specialist

Our client, an EHR systems pioneer, is a prominent name in North America. Their podiatry specific solutions offering advanced charting, billing, e-prescribing, and practice management capabilities allowed care facilities across the US to streamline administrative and clinical functions as per their context. The client sought a comprehensive enhancement of their product that would make it MU3 certified and interoperable with third-party solutions.

The Challenge

  • The old solution demanded an installation per customer. This translated into several problem downstream relating to maintenance, resource management and subscriptions/usage tracking.
  • As the old solution was built about a decade ago, the usability aspect wasn't upto the mark. The use of the legacy system resulted in unnecessary clicks and scrolls dipping the provider productivity.
  • With 2015 EHR Certification requirements dictating interoperability with the ecosystem, orchestrating multiple point to point data exchange was proving to be a nightmare with the old product.
  • With the change towards multitenancy, there was a change in the way the application was deployed, customers onboarded, and releases were issued. The data migration at the time of onboarding was particularly tricky owing to customizations.

Our Solution

The initiative took-off with an ideation phase involving the definition of requirements, reinventing the UX and focus group litmus test of the designs. Below are a few critical aspects of the solution developed leveraging MS Azure.

SaaS enablement: Through micro-services, the solution allowed for subscription to different modules that work standalone as well as in concert. This allowed for flexible pricing options, making the solution more marketable. A ‘wizard’ based process for customer onboarding allowed for quick activations.

Improved Patient Charting: The navigation through the patient chart was made intuitive to allow quick, painless charting. Features like auto-generation of summary notes saved care providers a significant amount of time in recording patient health data at the point of care delivery.

Extensible Interoperability: The entire interoperability infrastructure was built in a decoupled fashion, separating it from the business workflows. Within that, different standards (HL7, FHIR, QRDA, EDI/X12, NCPDP) were handled in a modularized way while having a standard overarching management layer.

MIPS Dashboard: A MIPS dashboard was created to help providers using the EHR solution to evaluate their performance. It would serve them as a reference point by comparing reports with general benchmarks derived from the existing customer base that would be updated by the client. Not only did it paint a picture of where they stand, but it also assisted them in improving their scores by highlighting opportunities.

MU3 Certification: The entire development was planned, keeping the certification requirements and timelines in mind. Coordinating single-handedly with the proctors and organizing dry-runs before the certification waves, Nalashaa team completed the certification in one go.

HIPAA Compliant Cloud Hosting: With security as an implicit requirement, different Azure capabilities ensured the integrity of data while making Authentication and Authorization painless.

How We Made a Difference

Single-handedly led successful Drummond certification

Enabled integration with the ecosystem using a variety of standards

Improved usability

Customer onboarding time reduced from weeks to days

Simplified deployment and maintenance through automation driven dev-ops

Technology Stack

  • Angular 1.6
  • .Net Core
  • SQL
  • Azure

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