The healthcare ecosystem is on a journey to transform data standards that enable on-demand information exchange, helping patients receive faster and better quality of care.

Nalashaa has empowered health plans in the hike towards interoperability. With the latest standards lighting the healthcare ecosystem on FHIR, the healthcare community is pushing for the adoption of FHIR for faster and smoother transactions.

Comply by Jan 2023

Begin your implementation of FHIR integration at the latest from Aprill 2022 to secure your business from penalties.

Comply by Jan 2023

Patient Access API

Provider Directory API

Payer-to-payer data exchange

Provider Access API

Documentation Requirement

Lookup Service API

Prior Authorization Support API

Attestation Policy

Privacy Policy

Implementation Challenges of FHIR

While the ‘theoretical’ concept of FHIR has been talked about for a while now, the practical implementations are a whole new story. A few roadblocks that most organizations come across while implementing FHIR are

Enterprise Integration

Maintaining a single source of truth running through the organization is challenging

FHIR Extensions

The current set of FHIR resources are limited and do not cover all real-world use cases

Cross- Version Support

Inability to understand and communicate across various versions of standards among partners

Consent Management

Implementing member consent management via APIs can prove to be tricky

Security Complications

FHIR does not define security protocols posing ambiguity in data protection

Monitoring and Monetization

FHIR does not account for compliance, resource provisioning and monetization

We Can Help You Out

We Can Help You Out

Secure access to FHIR resources with OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect, Azure AD etc.

API Management

Manage and secure FHIR APIs with traffic monitoring & monetization via a single API gateway.

Resource Extensions

Enable real-world use cases by expanding FHIR resources, beyond the existing set

3rd Party Integrations

Integrate systems with the ecosystem while addressing compliance requirements

Appropriate Approach

Integration Engine, Open source FHIR server, or 3rd party FHIR solution implementation

We Have Worked On

Why Partner with Us

We help you choose the right alternative

We take care of compliance requirements

We have expertise in real-world use cases

With our experience, we get it right the first time

Adopt FHIR Before It’s Too Late

Adopt FHIR Before

It’s Too Late

Embrace the gold standard for healthcare interoperability across the ecosystem.

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