From health records, to insurance claims, and prior authorization, payers witness a hoard of documents passing through their systems every day. The ultimate aim is to ensure member wellness while chasing operational efficiency by pushing the extent of automation.

Navigating through healthcare EDI is often challenging, however with the right services, integrating and managing EDI transactions would be trouble-free. Gear up your EDI with Nalashaa and experience seamless and secure data exchange.

Worried About Your Healthcare EDI?

Worried About Your Healthcare EDI?

Updating and aligning systems with ever-evolving standards and compliance is complex and costly

Managing test data with scenarios, structural and/or syntactic validations is challenging and expensive

QA automation to manage updates, regression and the repercussions of transaction failure is laborious

Ensuring flexibility is tedious as business rules often change across insurers, geographies, and settings

Lack of resources and knowledge to execute improvements to the existing EDI systems

Increasing cost of managing EDI setup in trying to generate error-free transactions

Here’s What You Can Do About It

Support & Enhancement

Maintain & run your legacy EDI systems to match latest standards


Rejuvenate your EDI solutions by taking them to the cloud

Automated Quality Assurance

Expand extent of automation & improve Quality Control coverage

Implement EDI VAN

Secure transactions via encryption & authorization verification

Build Flexibility

Non-programmatic configuration of custom validations for SNIP levels

Why Choose Us?

Our efficient healthcare IT experts have enabled over a billion successful EDI transactions. Apart from that, we promise

Business assessment to align solutions with your business goals

Healthcare compliance experts with in-depth industry knowledge

Attention to detail with cost-efficient Quality Control

End-to-end implementation with zero hand-holding

Single-stop shop for a variety of Healthcare IT services

Simplify your EDI management

Simplify your

EDI management

Learn about ways to build, modernize and automate your EDI infrastructure with a complementary assessment.

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