EHR software development in the US healthcare ecosystem involves creating and maintaining electronic health record systems to digitize patient medical records, improve healthcare quality, and streamline clinical workflows.

This decade has been witness to the inception, evolution and demise of several EHRs. With many biting the dust, and a few others with a far-reaching vision making it, the rules of the game are changing. In the backdrop of VBC and Consumerism, Adam Smith’s “Invisible Hand” will shape the market and EHR vendors will have differently positioned challenges to face. Besides innovation, efficiency in execution and reduced costs will determine the success of EHR vendors in this decade. So what are the forces defining the roadmap of EHR vendors?

Nature of Forces, or was it forces of nature?


  • 21st Century Cures Act
  • Patients over Paperwork
  • Information Blocking
  • Price Transparency

And anything from CMS’ crystal ball


  • Usability to foster Productivity
  • Not just Insights, corrective action
  • Intelligent systems for better scores
  • Effortless engagement with patients

Summing up, Achieve more by doing less


  • Innovation to aid quality of care
  • Agile processes for shorter Time to Market
  • Modern technologies for easier maintenance
  • Automation to reduce effort

In short, Better, Faster, Cheaper


  • Easy to talk to, a.k.a. Interoperability
  • Fresh and classy, a.k.a. adoption/appeal
  • Feel safe with, a.k.a. Security
  • Is always there, a.k.a. Cloud & Mobile
  • Is of the same age a.k.a. No legacy stuff

Truly, a match made in heaven

Where you want to go, depends on where you are

Build Solutions

Build a new Solution

It takes a while to translate vision into a solution on account of many variables. Our experience with US healthcare clinical workflows, standards, regulations, revenue cycle and end-user personas cut down time to market by months.

Legacy Modernization

The first step to modernization is to learn the context and navigate the gallows of often undocumented code. The next one is to unlearn and apply creativity to be futuristic. Then come change management and migration without agitating end users. We cracked that puzzle!

Build Solutions
Build Solutions

Embrace Interoperability

Plenty of guides exist for standards in US healthcare, none for achieving interoperability painlessly. Our experience with HL7, CCDA, FHIR, EDI, NCPDP, DICOM etc. help you connect with your ecosystem, in a scalable, low maintenance way.

Go Mobile

We are exceptionally good at designing and developing apps on iOS and Android platforms. With about a decade of experience with US healthcare providers and patient sensibilities, we know how to delight them on mobile and tabs.

Build Solutions
Build Solutions

Infuse Intelligence

Have a healthcare solution with too much data and too little insights? Or all insights but no actions? We help you aggregate present and act on data, causing a corrective change as opposed to painting pretty dashboards.

Improve Engagement

Having trouble engaging providers/patients despite shiny technologies? Maybe tying them together or good packaging is missing. We help you follow your patients and cause tangible actions, in real-time, in an automated way.

Build Solutions

Here’s how we help you in this journey

We bring in a mix of traditional technologies, mobile, cloud, BI, AI and ML, all under one roof ensuring the convenience of superstores. Our Domain Experts, UX Designers and Project managers eliminate expensive process overheads and bring in speed. Globally distributed teams ensure all that, in an economically sweet way. Below are a few ways we could engage.

Still unsure? Share your challenges, we will find a solution

We have learnt the art of delivering quality with convenience. Let’s do the same for you.

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