FHIR R4 Integration for an Idaho EHR Provider

FHIR R4 Integration for an Idaho Based Behavioral Health EHR Solutions Company

The client, an EHR provider, specializes in mental and behavioral health. Their EHR solution empowers medical practices with customizable assessments of patients by enhancing the platform with built-in CRM, telehealth, medication management, and patient portal features. Despite being a versatile and powerful package, it demanded a technology refresh embracing the cloud philosophy with time. The client chose Nalashaa as the trusted partner to develop a new cloud-based EHR solution incorporating a data model aligned with FHIR R4.

Client Challenge

Among the recently introduced CMS interoperability mandates for health plans was the Patient Access API, designed to make healthcare information more easily available to patients. The client sought to tap into the data from Payer APIs to receive the complete patient history to enable better behavioral treatments & outcomes. The development process called for utilizing the technical and vocabulary standards finalized by the 21st Century Cures Act Final Rule.

Nalashaa’s Solution

While the central theme was enabling clinical data exchange via APIs, the client sought to embrace the FHIR philosophy for the entire dataset within the EHR and RCM purview. Nalashaa’s development and project management teams mapped existing workflows, scenarios and modalities against the platform’s current FHIR schema to identify the shortcomings to be fixed with the FHIR R4 version. The tireless blueprinting process yielded multiple datasets that required custom definition and extension, especially those that defined financial resources.

To accelerate the pace of development, the team leveraged Aidbox, an advanced FHIR-powered platform, to make resource definition, management and extension, frictionless. Through Cross-version support from Aidbox, custom extensions were mapped in accordance with FHIR rule-set. The development team deployed over 273 resources in the entire solution schema spanning clinical, financial, operational and ancillary areas to outfit the client EHR solution with the technical requirements bound by strict deadlines.

The Final Solution

FHIR R4 Integration for an Idaho Based Behavioral Health EHR Solutions Company


Enabled resource customization at scale

Time to market: 12 months

Unparalleled flexibility and interoperability for the complete dataset

Technology Stack

  • PHP
  • Vue.js
  • Aidbox
  • GCP

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