sustenance services

Sustenance Services

One of the challenges that CTOs and CIOs have is the management overhead associated with multiple vendors and partners. This challenge exists because of the stratifications in technologies, skills and the domain. Different skill sets and competencies are required to develop products, provider customer service, manage the infrastructure required to support the solutions and so on.

Based on our interactions, here are a few things that weigh in when making decisions around partners and vendors.

context knowledge
Expertize with
interoperability standards
One stop
Well defined
Quality focused

Things we can do for you

We work with you to make your life easier! When we engage with you, we establish processes and systems to make sure the delivery is predictable. Also, we realize that as a customer you would appreciate one partner taking care of all your IT and billing related needs so that accountability isn’t spread out across multiple stakeholders. Whether it is development of a clinical/RCM/administrative solution, maintenance of one, billing services, data management or infrastructure monitoring and support, we ensure that you have one partner to deal with. Keeping things simple helps you reach out to ONE partner for all your concerns. We simplify things for you by

We have been helping our customers run the show by maintaining their solutions for them. Some of these have been built by us and some haven’t. For the latter, we have acquired the art to quickly pick up the working of applications through knowledge transition. We have been supporting legacy applications (built on AS400, Delphi) and will continue to, till they support any healthcare function.

An amalgamation of the two is what positions us to

  • Supporting the current users and addressing the issues they may have with it
  • Building enhancements to your solution to keep pace with technological and regulatory changes
  • Help you reengineer them when you choose, by salvaging the business layer to the extent possible
  • Roll-out your major/minor releases, patches, hot-fixes and help your customers apply those

Solutions have dependencies on the infrastructure they are hosted on. In order to assume complete accountability and be able to troubleshoot issue as and when they arise, we manage your infrastructure for you. Apart from the solutions for your end customer, there are systems and applications that your staff might be using. We help you by

  • Maintaining your production/UAT/QA/Dev environments, monitor them for performance and exceptions and take necessary steps to fix issues, should they arise
  • Supporting your Email servers, network switches and other servers (DNS, LDAP etc.)
  • Managing your data through backup & recovery, scheduled jobs, performance tuning, memory management and other such chores

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