Pandemics & VBC with One Bullet - D365

Introductory Video

Take a look at the crux of our webinar in this introductory video clip. We hope you get a fresh perspective to evaluate your care delivery process. Be better equipped for the Pandemic and the CMS’s vision of VBC!

Webinar Session on Pandemic Management and Achieving the Ideals of VBC Using Technology As a Lever

Preventive care through effective patient outreach is one of the most powerful tactics that care providers currently have in the fight against COVID-19. A tool that makes patient journey orchestration possible by giving care providers a 360-degree view of the patient, optimizes the time of clinicians. They can care for individuals who require it the most by priority. In this webinar, our healthcare experts give you the metrics to help you evaluate the areas of focus in your care facility. This is followed by a promising solution and an overview of its potential to help you achieve better care outcomes even after the pandemic threat has mitigated.

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