The Payer and Provider’s Handbook for Technical Implementation for Cures Act – Covering Information Blocking & Interoperability & Patient Access Rules

Both the final rules from the CMS and ONC introduce the US healthcare ecosystem to numerous technical requirements. While compliance to these requirements may not be a simple task, much-needed clarity in strategic planning for their implementation will vastly benefit providers and payers.

In this whitepaper, we explore the technical requirements of the final rules in vivid detail to impart a deeper understanding of what they have in store for provider organizations and medical practices. The whitepaper covers:

The Technological Requirements

Get a comprehensive understanding of the role FHIR R4 and USCDI are set to play in payer-to-payer and provider and payer-provider exchange of patient health information. We cover all the important details and more.

Possible Scenarios for Payers and Provider Organizations

Learn how consent management, exception management and data on boarding to FHIR servers are likely to make a big impact on the existing IT landscape that organizations currently have.

The Real-World Picture for the Stakeholders

Get a simplistic end-user view of managing requests for access to patient health records. The handbook aims to provide an idea of the ideal ‘working eco-system’.

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