Wearable Technology Presents New Opportunities and Challenges for Healthcare

There are five steps to implementing chronic care management: identifying Wearable technology is creating new opportunities in the healthcare industry by empowering healthcare professionals to achieve one of the primary goals of the Institute of Medicine — that is, “…fully involving patients in their own care”. The possibilities of wearable technology in healthcare are virtually limitless. Imagine a future where, rather than scheduling visits with a doctor in reaction to a problem, wearable devices alert patients and their doctors proactively to any and all healthcare issues.

In this ebook, you'll learn how wearable technology can help increase efficiency and reduce operational costs in your healthcare practice. It begins by a brief history of wearable technology and then it examines the current opportunities in the market. This ebook will teach you how to set up your organization for future success.

  • How to spot opportunities in wearables
  • Tips on lowering operational costs with wearables
  • How to increase adoption rates with wearables

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