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Enhanced Software for an Arkansas Based Gym Management Solution Provider

A leading software and payment processing provider for health and fitness clubs in the US required a versatile system to simplify gym management and increase profitability. They entrusted Nalashaa to develop the solution aligned with existing architecture leveraging technologies such as Micro Services, OAuth 2.0, WebHooks.

Client Challenge

The client was looking to modernize their solution to address the challenges in integration with their partners. In the existing implementation, there was an increased overhead due to continuous server polling. In case of exceptional situations, troubleshooting to fix the root cause was also cumbersome and required intervention by the client every time something went wrong.

The objective was to build extensibility into the existing system to enable effortless and seamless subsequent integrations, eventually reducing the maintenance and support effort from the client. As the APIs evolved, documentation traditionally hadn’t kept pace. Improving completeness and coverage of API documentation was an additional objective. Though the system was equipped with OAuth 2.0, it wasn’t being utilized to the extent required. For instance, automated retrieval of credentials wasn’t implemented through OAuth framework. This also needed to be done.


Nalashaa team analyzed the system and proposed a loosely coupled design to ensure seamless extensibility of the system. To avoid unnecessary server polling, Nalashaa utilized WebHooks to serve relevant information to interested subscribers, facilitating sync between two applications. Data validations and insightful error messages ensured easy troubleshooting for 3rd party integrators. To improve API documentation, ‘Swagger’ was implemented. The API documentation is made available to the in house teams and 3rd party developers for easy integration with client’s systems. OAuth 2.0 usage was extended to include the entire process for retrieving credentials.

Flexible Solution

Enhanced Security features

Reduced Maintenance

Technology Stack

  • Java 1.8
  • Spring 4.0 & Spring JDBC
  • Maven 4.0
  • JBoss EAP 6.0
  • GIT
  • Jenkin
  • Swagger

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