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Software Enhancement and MU3 certification assistance for an Oncology EHR in the US

One of the leading oncology EHR providers needed to enhance their software with capabilities required for 2015 Edition certification to support their providers for Quality Payment Program.

Client Challenge

The client had the application built using an old UI framework and the application needed to be modernized. Technology of choice was React/Redux. Modernization was to be achieved without impacting provider productivity adversely. Also, API access was to be enabled to the EHR, satisfying necessary security protocols. This API needed to be deployed into the existing solution as a plug-in so as to simplify the deployment process. In addition, QA processes were time-taking and were stretching release cycles.


Nalashaa team successfully built many UI components and seamlessly integrated those with the existing application. Implementation of a test automation framework using Selenium, significantly reduced QA effort during development and improved error tracking & logging.

Access to EHR data was enabled, exposing an API. Now, calling applications can extract patient data in different formats (FHIR, CCDA, JSON) using a variety of search parameters. Task Parallel Library (TPL) was used to make the API multi-threaded. For further enhancement of their existing system, we proposed automation framework for a relaxed development cycle and release cycle as well as implemented CQMs, which is extensible, upon the proposed framework.

Successful 2015 Edition certification ensured better marketability

The new UI boosted the end-user experience

QA automation shortened the development and release cycles while improving accuracy

Technology Stack

  • ReactJS and Redux
  • .Net Framework 4.6.2
  • .Net Core 2.0
  • Selenium with NUnit 3.4.1

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