US healthcare takes a while to embrace changes. But when it does, a few existing players are toppled from the market. The current transition to Value Based Care (VBC) is a wave that could have similar repercussions for those RCM solution providers that fail to adapt. Those that will survive will need to focus on the user experience they offer, automation of low value-adding activities, modern technologies that are faster, and data-derived intelligence that guides workflows – All that at lower costs! That is going to be the focus of all business leaders that see it coming.

Mere automation isn’t the answer. With the right processes, it would make them faster for better results.
With inefficient processes, it’ll do the same, just yield terrible results, faster

Challenges to Overcome

If RCM excellence is your goal, gear up to overcome the following hurdles

Maintenance Nightmare

Legacy billing systems delaying enhancements

Linear Labor Costs

More billers and AR staff required for every new customer

Poor User Experience

Multiple clicks and data entry/push which wear the RCM staff down

Lack of Scalability

Single biller solutions that choke under large scale operations

Evolving Regulations

Business models and regulations requiring systemic changes

Lost Revenues

Recoverable revenue lost, due to the lack of enough hands on deck

Flying Blind

Lack of cognitive intelligence resulting in hunch-based decisions

Rising Training Overheads

Staff attrition and recurring errors, which spike overhead costs

Avenues to Overcome These Challenges

There are multiple opportunities that come with RCM solutions, that capitalize on modern technologies. Below are areas where we can make headway for providers and payers.

Pre-registration & Check-in

Establish seamless and convenient patient onboarding without the need for clinican intervention

  • Eligibility
  • Authorizations 
  • Patient Demographics Entry
  • Patient allocation

Unlock new levels of accuracy and efficiency billing by eliminating process redundancies

  • Medical Coding
  • Charge Entry
  • Electronic Claims Submission
  • COB
  • Patient Billing
AR Management

Reign in revenue leakage with faultless outstanding receivables tracking and denial management

  • Cash Posting
  • Follow-ups
  • Statement Management
  • Denials & Appeals
Analytics & Process Improvement

Achieve significantly lower denial rates with tactful touchpoints and process streamlining

  • Clean Claim Rate
  • AR Days
  • Denial Rate
  • Denial Resolution

How Do We Help You Achieve These?

There is no silver bullet when it comes to RCM. These challenges have scaled up with time, it will take efforts to get past those as well. Here, however, are ways in which we can help you dismantle your problems to help you progress again.

Technology modernization of existing solutions to ease maintenance and introduce flexibility and speed 

Redefine & Uplift the User Experience while reengineering existing RCM workflows for better productivity 

Data engineering for accurate integration, better data governance and intuitive dashboards using self-service BI 

Build unintrusive surface solutions for automated orchestration of billing workflows

Agile response to changing rules, business models, regulations through a reconfiguration of the systems

Let's Revitalize RCM

Let's Revitalize


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