Hospitals, IDNs and payer organizations have been sitting on a goldmine of data for quite a while, but before this data can be meaningful, it has to be analyzable. And until there is enough data, it’s difficult to trust the credibility of the data. Both these concerns are addressed by digitization. Healthcare organizations today receive unprecedented amount of data that can be used to drive preventive care, lower the premium, prevent infections, improve utilization, getting more accurate reimbursements, drafting better contracts, population health and many such things.

If your organization operates in the US healthcare value chain, you would know that the following are the biggest concerns that business and technology leaders have on their mind.

Variety of data
the volume
Meaning of data
the semantics
Expectation from data
business priorities
Precise decisions
the action

Variety of data - The volume

Meaning of data - The Semantics

Expectation from data – Business priorities

Precise decisions – The action

Things we can do for you

Given the power that lies in the data that you generate, exchange and report, it’s imperative to have a well thought data strategy chalked out. Its real value can only be harnessed through tools and the right data strategy encompassing the entre data lifecycle. You understand your context better than us. And we have been playing with a lot of tools for a while now and can make your data work for you through.

While different departments across provider and payer environments generate different kind of data, it only forms a complete picture when connected. We have seen chaos and frustration across silos in the past because the staff across different departments has different priorities and perceptions of reality. We help you bring more order in the house by

  • Helping you aggregate and integrate data from Clinical settings, Revenue cycle, Labs, Pharmacies, contracts, health plans and other such sources.
  • Improve the data quality by identifying the sources of data adulteration and fix it for you
  • Effectively modelling your data to facilitate easy reporting (MU, MACRA, HQRP etc.)
  • Using ETL to make your disparate data talk one language – actionable business insights
  • Building EDW to help you see various silos in your organization as ONE business

IT department in every healthcare organizations reels under the pressure of providing gazillions of reports to different users. In the absence of a streamlined well thought data strategy, this results in reports explosion and makes maintenance a nightmare. Look at the inventory of reports in a hospital and you would wonder if they ever find time to act on those. We help you address this menace step by step by

  • Building Ad hoc reports as and when required so that you don’t need to have dedicated people doing just that
  • Enabling self-service reporting where users can create custom reports by merely dragging and dropping fields on to a report.
  • Facilitating regulatory reporting (MACRA, MCO etc.) as we understand what the CMS expects in those and we know what goes in there

With VBC, providers and payers are increasingly looking to tie the clinical, financial and operations picture together. Providers are trying to get better contracts, improve quality of care, gauge effectiveness of prevention/wellness programs, improving reimbursements, among many other things, leveraging data to identify inefficiencies and drive actionable. Similarly payers on the other hand are trying to improve health of populations, control MLR, design better health plans, manage their network better and zillions of other things using data they receive and generate. We can help you do the same through

  • Formulation of a BI Strategy & Roadmap that suits your business context
  • Evaluation/selection of technology that can power your business needs
  • Development of EDW, Data marts, cubes etc. to help you slice, dice and analyse the data that yields business value
  • The use of pattern identification & matching, predictive modelling & analytics and employing advanced machine & deep learning techniques to help you predict events that have an impact on quality of care, financials or other important business aspects
  • Development of Reports & KPI Dashboards for your staff, operations management and the C suite.

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