Meaningful Use Stage3 Certification for Puerto Rico based EHR vendor

MU3 Certification and QRDA Workflow Implementation for a Florida-Based EHR systems Specialist

Our client, an enterprise EHR solutions provider, is a renowned name in the United States. Hospitals well received the client’s flagship product in the south-eastern region of the US for its modern architecture and big data capabilities. The client was looking to add reporting capabilities for CMS programs requiring CQM reporting. It would help care providers better understand population health demographics and submit quality measures efficiently

The Challenge

Following many months of software development and healthcare, workflow changes, the client had hit a sizable roadblock in the form of developmental drawbacks with their technical partner. The client sought the services of a new technical partner to complete the implementation of the eCQM reporting as a part of MU3 certification requirements. The application demanded healthcare IT experts with the comprehensive knowledge of QRDA as time was running out.

An Outline of the Challenges

  • A go-to market time line of 2 months
  • Enable efficient measures reporting with QRDA for MU3 Certification
  • Evaluate the work done previously and correct inconsistencies

Our Solution

Nalashaa stepped up to the task, conducting a thorough evaluation to develop a roadmap of completion. Here are the upgrades we implemented for the client.

QRDA Enablement: Our developers integrated QRDA workflows to enable the end-users (care providers) easily understand the logic behind Clinical Quality Measures (CQMs). This would help clinicians effortlessly identify patients requiring follow-up care owing to a more efficient recording of eCQMs.

PHM Empowerment: Our workflow solutions imparted the client solution with the ability to stratify patient populations by race, ethnicity, language and gender. These new features would give end-users greater control over measures submissions allowing them to view the clinical quality measures for one individual.

Drummond Certification: Our team of software developers and clinical quality measures reporting started the work on implementing workflows as per the MU3 implementation guides. We had to account for the fast-approaching 2015 CEHRT deadlines for measure submission for 2020 to ensure that it does not affect the marketability to the client’s EHR product.

Benefits for the Client

How We Made a Difference

Strict Timeframe of 2 months

Successful MU3 Certification

Streamlined Measure Reporting Functionality

Technology Stack

  • .Net Core
  • SQL
  • MS Azure

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