Patient Portal for HIT solution provider based in New Jersey

Patient Portal for HIT solution provider based in New Jersey

One of the largest provider of HIT solution to chiropractors, orthopedics, and physical therapists across US needed to implement an MU3 compliant patient portal to provide patients quick and easy access to their data.

Client Requirement

To enhance the EHR, the client required a patient portal to be developed as a thin client deployed on the cloud, which interacts seamlessly with the respective Facility’s / Practice’s EHR instance. The current EHR is built on client server architecture and is deployed independently for each practice. The EHR was mapped to a static public IP for the portal to communicate, which raised security concerns for the client. Therefore, he required from Nalashaa to implement a dynamic IP, which is frequently updated. The portal being a thin client, for every operation it needed to pull information from EHR where nothing is stored on AWS.


After analyzing the solution, Nalashaa team decided to use FHIR as an API to interact with EHR solution (ported in each facility / practice) for required operations. FHIR server was deployed at each facility / practice, which interacts with EHR to retrieve / post the necessary information to portal. Considering security aspect and infrastructure, clinics / facilities were using dynamic IP, which makes it difficult for portal to specifically point to a FHIR server based on instance. For this we used NoIP solution mapping the dynamic IP to a DNS name, facilitating portal to uniquely identify the FHIR server based on logged in user’s preference of connectivity. FHIR resources are used to perform all transactions related to modules like Scheduling, Secure Messaging, Document Management, Manage Authorized Representatives, View Download & Transmit, Clinical Entities, Audit Log. While doing all these transactions via API, there was a high possClinical Workflows, A . Asynchronous operations are handled via message queues, allowing no data loss in case of network outage or connectivity issues. All the issues faced by the client was addressed along with M3 certification in a span of 4 months with a team of 4 people.

Secured transactions

Quick extendibility of solution to other EHRs

Real time data availability

Technology Stack

  • Angular 5
  • Amazon web services
  • .Net Core

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