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MU3 Certification for a Leading EHR Provider Based out of Michigan

A leading provider of Electronic Health Records (EHR), based out of Michigan catering to Podiatrists across states needed to build an MU3 and HIPAA compliant, cloud-based, multi-tenant EHR solution.

Client Requirement

The client wanted to build an MU3 (Meaningful Use) and HIPAA compliant cloud based multi-tenant EHR solution which acts as a centric point to interact with multiple systems using different interoperability channels like Direct, HL7 for Lab integrations, FHIR API for portal integration, NCPDP standards for eRx. They wanted the solution to be flexible, scalable and capable of easy integration with any third party applications as per end customer’s choice. In addition, the client needed role based security, multi-lingual, multi-currency and time zone support. They also entrusted Nalashaa to enable real-time access to patient data via patient portal enabling providers to score better for ACI and set up Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment processes to ease management of hot-fixes, patches and major/minor releases.


Nalashaa team offered a well thought solution in terms of usability, workflows, extendibility, scalability and performance. The system had a flexible, and configurable charting capability with template driven approach. Encounter Notes were integrated with eRx and Labs helping providers easily raise orders. Assessments / care plans can be configured dynamically with minimal clicks. All clinical details are codified and can be captured easily. Integration with billing system is also made seamless, where biller edits will be available to the provider to approve / decline the edits. Engines like Clinical Decision Support, Audit, Real-time alerts are provided out of the box. Dashboard that alerts providers / clinical staff on both clinical / billing facts was an add-on. Enabling Patient portal access from EHR was embedded in the workflow. Patients are enabled to choose their auth reps and provide them with portal access to better manage their health.

The technicalities of the solution which includes security, scalability, extendibility are achieved by leveraging features offered by Azure to minimize development time and ease maintenance later. Below are a few key features that are part of the solution.

Easy integration with third party applications of choice

Reduction in deployment time and errors

Improvement in overall reporting with the availability of real time data

Technology Stack

  • Angular 1.6
  • .Net framework 4.6.2
  • SQL Azure
  • Entity framework 6
  • Web API 2.0

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