Newsflash, healthcare provider and consumer expectations have evolved. Functional accuracy is the charger that came with your phone; it’s necessary but didn’t dictate your purchase. HIT development is far from pedestrian ‘programming’. It takes an understanding of business workflows, end-user persona, crafty user experience design (left-brain) and scientific application of automation (right-brain) concepts. Organizations that understand and execute this philosophy tend to have better life-expectancy.

We exist to help you build exquisite HIT solutions that comply with regulations. As a true partner, we do that by owning accountability for the entire execution, simplifying things for you.

What Can We Build for You?

What can we build for you?

Electronic Health Record

‘Great’ has several dimensions. For EHRs, those are intuitive experience, zero/easy maintenance, regulatory compliance and interoperability. Below are a few things that check the ‘completeness’ box when it comes to functionality.

Encounter Notes
  • HPI
  • Family/social Hx
  • Problem, Dx & allergies
  • Procedures & medications
  • Labs & radiology
  • Care plan
  • Immunizations
  • Mental status & growth chart
  • Implantable devices
  • Educational resources
  • Decision Support system
Patient Chart
  • Demographics
  • Vitals
  • History
  • Exam & assessments
  • Document viewer
  • eCQMs
  • MIPPS dashboard
  • Performance dashboards
  • Patient portal
  • eRx & EPCS
  • Payment gateway
  • Laboratory
  • FHIR, HL7
  • Custom APIs
  • Practice & user setup
  • Code masters
  • User management
  • Security
Productivity Tips
  • Custom forms, canned templates
  • Charting shortcuts
  • Worklists, notifications/alerts
  • Usage diagnostics
  • Contextual trainer
  • Virtual assistant
  • Voice-based navigation
Care Documents
  • Referral notes
  • Progress notes
  • Encounter summary
  • Procedure notes
  • Clinical summary
Case Management
  • Intake forms
  • Templatized assessment forms
  • Patient summary
  • Comprehensive
    care plan
  • Multi-factor auth
  • Profile swapping
  • Entry-level permissions
  • Secure

Revenue Cycle Management

A great RCM solution must be like a Swiss-knife, versatile yet elegant. Intelligent automation is essential to shorten payment cycles, maximize reimbursements and change the linear nature of costs. Here is a starter-kit list.

  • Predetermination
  • Auto generate superbills
  • Price calculator from charge masters
  • Patient/payer responsibility
  • Payment posting
  • Corresponding co-pays
  • Print & release to claims
  • Notifications
Claim Generator
  • Lines status
  • Claim scrubber
  • Batch release
  • Correction indicators
  • Eligibility checks
  • View encounter
  • Release claims
  • Status update
  • Clearinghouse
  • Patient portal
  • EHR & PMS
  • Summary dashboard
  • Generate statements
  • Customize statements
  • Post payments
Denial Management
  • Dashboard
  • 1500 form viewer
  • Rules engine
  • Denial based queuing
  • Billers’ workplace
  • Review history
  • COBs
  • Auto-import ERAs
  • Human readable format for ERAs
  • Review & post
  • Auto calculate consumed visits
  • Parse EOBs
  • Financial transactions
Productivity Tips
  • Claim queue triaging
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Worklists, notifications/alerts
  • Auto-claim creator
  • Provider chat
  • Reports & dashboards

Practice Management System

Efficiency is the hallmark of a great PM system. We design those to empirically minimize the patient time in provider setting and maximize provider efficiency. Here’s how we do it.

  • Front office dashboard
  • Appointments – clone, recurring, group
  • Follow-ups
  • Insurance details
  • Eligibility checks
  • Pre-authorization
  • Copay (appointment level)
  • Self-service assistant
  • Facility configurations
  • Role definitions
  • Code masters
  • Fee schedules
  • Work schedules
  • Payers/clearinghouse settings
  • Check-in Kiosks
  • Remote form-fills
  • Room identification & navigation
Patient Intake
  • Intake forms
  • EHR history
  • Email patients
  • Audit history
  • E-signatures
Productivity Tips
  • Task engine, worklist
  • Notifications & alerts
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • 360o message board – SMS, chat, email
  • Reports & dashboards
  • DSS and Robotic Process Automation

Patient Portal

The most awesome patient portals are the ones that patients actually use. We channel our UX creativity to build cool portals and our technical skills to do that fast!

Here are a few things that every patient portal should have, and then some more…

  • Easy & secure sign-up
  • Patient dashboard
  • Find doctor
  • Appointments & payments
  • Lab reports
  • Rx refills
  • Telehealth capabilities
  • FHIR server
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Cross device compatibility
  • Discharge & visit summaries
  • Family access
  • Patient education
  • Device integrations
  • Alerts & reminders
  • Integrations (EHR agnostic)
  • Secure messaging


From streamlining prior-auth. submissions to sending e-coupons with an order, e-prescribing helps patients get their medications faster. Implement eRx including EPCS, & an intelligent alert engine:

  • Surescripts integration
  • Provider registration
  • Patient eligibility checks
  • Drug database
  • Search & routing
  • Pricing calculators
  • Drug-drug, drug-allergy alert engine
  • Decision support for checks
  • New, change & cancel Rx
  • Drug formulary check
  • Alternate medication suggestions
  • Medication List & Hx
  • Digitally sign elements
  • Notifications, Alerts
  • Pharmacy management


Extend your reach, minimize provider idle time and maximize their reimbursements. In the age of mobile, an unquestionably vital part of successful provider organizations, telehealth is poised to make waves. Here is the tinder-kit you need to start your journey.

  • Patient/provider apps
  • Virtual waiting rooms
  • Chat
  • HIPAA compliance
  • FHIR Integration
  • ePHI exchange
  • Reconcile encounter notes
  • eRx
  • Hx management
  • Access to family
  • EHR Customization for remote consultations
  • Templatized self-screening
  • Remote scheduling

Consumer Tech Apps

Engagement drives wellness, mobile drive engagement. It’s that simple. Through immersive patient engagement mobile solutions, empower healthier patients, retain happier providers and garner better satisfaction ratings. Here’s a hint.

  • Intake forms
  • Personalized regimen
  • Patient tracking
  • Stakeholders notifications
  • Real-time EHI into EHRs
  • Personalized education
  • Care reminders
  • Patient feedbacks
  • Secure messaging
  • Social activation
  • PHM programs
  • Rewards/incentives

Curious for More?

How Do We Go About It?

As a partner, we aim to simplify execution for you, without overheads. That means, we cover the journey from your vision to a production grade deliverable, with minimal supervision.

Listen & understand context
Propose Design – UX and technical
Build, Integrate and Deploy
Support your end customers

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