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Healthcare provider solutions is a term which collectively defines a wide range of products and services that are designed to help healthcare providers improve the quality of care, streamline their operations, and manage costs. Healthcare providers have their hands full with challenges of reimbursements, patient intake, utilization management, and patient engagement. Situations like pandemics exacerbate these problems, raising the bar for delivering value-driving care outcomes. Rising clinician burnout exposes deficiencies in care processes, the panacea for which may lie with intuitively designed technology.

Nalashaa’s experience with developing custom healthcare provider solutions that resonate with a clinical setting’s context is the catalyst that supplements your growth into a well-connected care facility. A synergized ecosystem enabling effective utilization management, remote patient care, and impactful patient outreach through interoperable HIT systems can help you get your mojo back.

If you are looking to

Chase any or all of the following provider solutions to lay the foundation for the future of healthcare

Build a
Healthcare solution

For research or because no COTS solution seems to fit your needs

Talk to the

Maintaining current interfaces or building new information highways

Power efficiency
via automation

Orchestrating patient / provider journeys / flows while reducing OpEx

Offer immersive

To enhance CSAT, productivity and build sustainable brand loyalty

We might be able to help you face a few curveballs headed your way!

The Healthcare Provider Solutions in our Arsenal

While possibilities and specificity may vary with your context, below is a starter’s kit.

HIT Development/Modernization

While off-the-shelf solutions are a quick start, they are seldom complete. If you have custom needs, we can help you realize those into a solution.

  • EHR, Care coordination, Revenue Cycle, Wellness, PHM and more...
  • Care gap closure, Claims management, Patient engagement etc.


Whether it's FHIR/USCDI or the good old HL7, EDI, IHE and the like, we can help you maintain your interoperability infrastructure or build a new one.

  • PTP interfaces, FHIR servers, e-Notifications, State Registries, HINs

Healthcare Automation

Using software bots, we automate administrative, clinical and financial workflows to reduce compliance risk and manual labor.

  • Robotic Process Automation, Intelligent chatbots, IoT, Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Reduce {Wait-time, No-shows, Care-gaps, Denials, Patient risk, Cost}, Improve {Customer service, Process consistency, Responsiveness}

CRM For Healthcare

A streamlined, non-programmatic way for you to keep track of ALL your patients through their healthcare journey. Event-driven, Exception-based management enables focus on what’s important and urgent.

  • Enterprise integration, CRM, Business workflow charting, Analytics-powered tuning
  • Patient Journey tracking, Personalization in {Marketing Campaigns, Outreach, Engagement}

Make Sense of Your Data (Analytics)

Owing to your custom needs if you are looking to build data capabilities (possibly to replace a COTS solution) or improve one that you have, we can help you through that journey.

  • ETL, Integration, Data Governance, Visualization, AI, ML
  • Effective asset utilization, timely interventions, Report rationalization, PMPM trends

Experience and Engagement

We craft solutions that are intuitive for better adoption and immersive for promoting engagement. While patients are the obvious targets, providers ought to be a catchment of interest too.

  • Mobile Apps, Portals, Wearables, IoT
  • Medication adherence, Education, Engagement, Wellness (Physical, Mental, Social)

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