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HIT vendors in the US have been facing the doubly grueling effect of regulations and consumerism since the beginning of this decade. Instead of focusing on innovation, they have been grappling with regulatory mandates. While some may agree that the ‘intent’ of regulation was standardization of workflows and quality improvement, the innovation took a backseat nevertheless. We help you focus on an innovation roadmap by making the achievement of it easier for you. Our knowledge of interoperability standards (HL7, CCDA, QRDA, FHIR, DIRECT among many others) and understanding of regulations (MU, MACRA, MIPS, HQRP, CoP, HEDIS, CQMs etc.) positions us to help you accelerate the achievement of your technology roadmap.

Following are the areas where we can help HIT vendors in their healthcare IT solutions


How do we help you?

  • Expand your solution with capabilities that improve its marketability.
  • Integration with partner solutions for eRx, DIRECT messaging, Patient/Provider education, HIEs, RIS, PACS, PMS, EHR, Patient portals, clearinghouses etc. using standards such as HL7, FHIR, CCDA, EDI, DICOM etc.
  • Quick and painless integration through popular integration engines such as BizTalk, Mirth, Cloverleaf etc.
  • Migrating your existing on premise solution to the cloud (Azure, AWS)
  • Extending your current solutions to the mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Microsoft) by building native or cross-platform apps.
  • Extending L2, L3 support for your solutions until you migrate all the users to your new solutions
  • Run chores such as scheduled jobs, ETL scripts, backup and recovery etc. to make sure that service levels are met
  • Monitoring and Maintenance of custom interfaces to ensure uninterrupted flow of transactions to/from your system
  • Integrate various sources for Clinical, Financial, Administrative, Consumer and operations data using EDW, Datamarts etc. without complicating your own solution
  • Empower healthcare providers, billing staff and the front-office through deductive and predictive analysis to take out the guesswork.
  • Enable quick business decisions using dashboards and/or self-service reporting for higher quality scores, better provider reimbursement, lesser rejections, improved outcomes, higher utilization and happier consumers
  • With regulations such as MU3, MACRA, VBC, EDI 7030, PCI, HQRP, HHQRP, Home health CoP among many others facing the healthcare ecosystem, enhance your marketability by total, complete and smart adherence to these.
  • Help your providers benchmark themselves to get higher MIPS composite scores and better reimbursements through scorecards that enable correct actions during clinical workflows
  • Enable a smooth transition to 7030 and help your providers and billers avoid a backlog of muddled up claims

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