Nalashaa embarked on a transformative journey with a prominent healthcare player to streamline the extraction and inputting of Explanation of Benefits (EOB) data into Electronic Health Records (EHR).

Client Challenge   

EOB documents contain vital information about medical services, including insurance payments, patient, responsibilities and payment dates. Manually entering this data into the ECW EHR system is tedious, slow and prone to errors.


Our team leveraged UiPath RPA technology to automate the extraction and inputting of EOB data

EOB Data Extraction

Using OCR technology, the RPA bot reads and extracts relevant data from EOB documents, converting images into machine-readable text.

Inputting Data into ECW EHR

The bot then inputs the extracted data into the appropriate fields within the ECW EHR system. UiPath's integration capabilities enable seamless interaction with the ECW EHR system, mimicking human user actions.

Status Notification via Email

Upon completion of each task, the bot sends a status email to the designated recipients, providing updates on success or failure.


Elimination of Manual Tasks

Automation frees up resources previously engaged in manual data entry, allowing them to focus on higher-value activities.

Increased Productivity

RPA enables continuous data entry without breaks for error correction, resulting in enhanced productivity. One bot can perform the work of multiple employees, significantly boosting efficiency.

Reduced Errors

Automation systems excel at repetitive tasks requiring precision, reducing the likelihood of errors in data entry and processing.

Faster Delivery

RPA completes tasks swiftly, ensuring timely processing of EOB documents and improving overall operational efficiency.

Cost Savings

Deploying RPA eliminates the need for manual labor, reducing labor costs and improving cost-effectiveness for the organization.

Technology Stack 

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