The Care Providers’ Framework for Digital Health Transformation

Regulatory guidelines and the push for Value-based Care (VBC) continue to shape the healthcare landscape. But the US healthcare industry is currently in a state of flux caused by the push towards patient-centric care. Care providers must look to technology to adapt to the phase shift caused by the onset of patient-centric care.

Choosing the right technology and clocking good ROI is no walk in the park. But knowing the essentials and how to leverage them can be an advantage.

In this whitepaper, we propose a framework of essential HIT systems that can enable care providers to pursue better care outcomes. We cover a few critical questions.

The Current Picture

How are changing reimbursement models and patient awareness shaping the future of healthcare?

The Digital Healthcare Transformation Framework

What is this ‘framework’ and why should care providers consider its impact?

The Impact of The Core Components

What are the essential technology components that will transform a healthcare facility to deliver high-quality care and superior patient satisfaction?

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