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A Solution to Deliver Patient Clinical Data to Various EHRs

The client was looking to build a solution to deliver consolidated patient clinical data to partner solutions with a connectivity hub. The solution was supposed to aggregate patient data from across settings and then deliver the complete health record over an API to customers subscribing to its services.

Client Requirement

The client was looking to build a solution that connects the pieces of a patient’s record from across settings and provides a consolidated view. Patient information from different settings such as practices, SNFs, Assisted Living Centers etc. was to be received, consolidated and then made available over an API. This API was to be consumed by third party solutions needing the consolidated patient information. In addition, with respect to getting clinical data from its clients including EHR & PMS systems, it needed to be able to parse and interpret information from various versions of CCDAs they are currently using. This variety in settings (and hence data) and formats was a challenge that the solution needed to address.


Nalashaa proposed development of an API using FHIR version 3.0.1 easily upgradable to future FHIR standard upgrades. It provided plug and play security for client using OAuth2.0 and an Inbound CCDA receiver that parses and interprets information from varied version of CCDs. This information was then aggregated and organized to make a consolidated patient health record. The team also developed a CCDA to FHIR mapping for each individual clinical data set, which the client would like to provide API access for. The team developed a FHIR server using HAPI framework, which is easily customizable, upgradable and provides easy implementation of Restful service interface.

Consolidated view of patients across settings enabled better care coordination

Restful APIs enable partners to integrate seamlessly, without much development effort

Minimal effort for customization and upgrade in future

Technology Stack

  • SQL Server 2017
  • JDK 1.8
  • Maven 3.3.X
  • JS, JQuery. JSON e

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