Telemedicine is the latest buzz word in the US healthcare. It eliminates the need for the patient and the care giver to be co-located, providers can efficiently monetize their time through use of effective tools. With more and more providers looking to realize incremental revenues, technology vendors are moving fast.

Telemedicine is an opportunity that you might be missing out on.

We realize that you may have one or more of the following doubts/questions.

Should I be concerned?

Value based care (VBC) demands patient care throughout the continuum, which needs a constant connect. To achieve this, is a personal visit the best and most economical solution? Telehealth has been successful in providing a much needed solution to providers in such instances.

Healthcare providers

With VBC, you will find your provider interaction go digital very soon.

And with it will come higher patient volumes

HIT vendors

Providers are asking for it and your competition has already arrived.

Be a pioneer in building the care continuum

Healthcare payers

No one wants healthier patients in the US more than payers.

Prevention is cheaper than cure .

Alright I get that, but why should I do it?

We could just say ‘money’ but then there is the whole fuss about the humane angle. So here it is.

Who pays for it and who can get paid?

Telehealth being reimbursed by Federal, State and private plans, is a testament to its bright future. Telehealth services are reimbursed in these ways:

  • Medicare

    Covers live video and store & forward modalities.

  • Medicaid

    48 states and DC cover services given via Telehealth live video streaming.

  • Commercial Payers

    Parity laws oblige private payers to reimbursement for telehealth services.

  • Out of Pocket

    Patients are more than happy to pay for convenience and quick consultations.

What does telehealth payment entail?

What do they need from such a solution?

Let's move to value based care

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