Opioid Use Disorder

Drug overdose is an epidemic Healthcare providers need to combat in US. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that on an average, 116 Americans die every day from an opioid overdose & 11.5 million people are reported for misusing opioid prescriptions. National Safety Council conducted a national survey of physicians spending over 70% of their time seeing patients for pain.

National Safety Council Survey Revelations:

of doctors
prescribe highly addictive opioids for longer period than recommended by the CDC (three days)
of doctors
incorrectly believe morphine and oxycodone – both opioids – are the most effective way to treat pain.
of doctors
are, in part, basing their prescribing decisions on patient expectations

The last point above highlights an alarming feedback loop at work. When doctors say that they are making prescribing decisions based on patient expectations, what they mean is that patients have learned to associate quality of care with liberal use of pain killers. Fixing this damaging misperception will require extensive education, as well as targeted efforts to curb excessive opioid usage. (Source)

Healthcare IT to the rescue

As the opioid epidemic escalates, clinicians are actively seeking tools and resources to detect and prevent opioid misuse. Technology can be of considerable assistance to clinicians with improved adherence to both controlled substances prescription guidelines and underlying treatment protocols. Below are a few ways technology could be leveraged to address some of the challenges that exist in this regard.

For a problem that has existed for some time now, nobody has a magic-bullet. However, with our experience in the ecosystem, we can help you with a mitigation plan. Drop us a note!

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