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21st Century Cures Act

The Road to Compliance with the 21st Century Cures Act

Information Blocking

The Cures Act final rule gives HIT developers further clarity on Information Blocking

What is USCDI and Why it Matters?

USCDI makes up the foundation for nation wide interoperability of health information

Here's Why You Need Telehealth

Telehealth can empower clinicians and doctors with effective communication

Cures Act Final Rule [Full Webinar]

Learn more about the impact of the Cures Act Final Rule

Pandemics & VBC [Full Webinar]

We evaluate the opportunities that care providers can leverage to reduce burnout

COVID-19 Pandemic Management

Tackle the pandemic with effective solutions that help reduce clinician burnout

Effective Solutions for Handling COVIV-19

Use technology as a lever to mitigare provider burden during the COVID-19 pandemic

Top EHR Trends in 2020

Here's What EHR Development in 2020 is going to look like

What is the Clinical Quality Language (CQL)?

CQL gives care providers the ideal platform to streamline measure submission

Fighting COVID-19: A Webinar

Managing Escalating Clinician Burden during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Impact on Home Health [Full Webinar]

Home Health agencies must meet new compliance requirements.

Medicaid MU3 2018 [Full Webinar]

Healthcare IT Solutions built for compliance in the shortest time period

Home Health CoPs Update [Full Webinar]

Here's how Home Health Agencies must adhere to the latest CMS CoPs

Nalashaa QPP ACI [Full Webinar]

EHRs developers must ensure care providers are able to report to all the criteria under QPP

Quality Payment Program [Full Webinar]

We talk about how EHR Vendors can prioritize QPP and implement the changes

Meaningful Use 3 Unraveled [Full Webinar]

Get a detailed acount of MU3 Certification requirements

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