Here’s What Health Plans Must Know About Member Engagement

With compliance requirements pushing payer organizations to share information and engage better with members, the US healthcare ecosystem is stepping into a phase of transformation.

Member engagement is not bound by tools or technologies but spans across them. It is an ongoing interaction between the health plan and members to achieve the common goal of improving healthcare services and outcomes.

The white paper here aims to address the following, to help payers navigate through member engagement.

Tap into Member Engagement

With advancements in mobile technology members will have high engagement expectations from payers, such as live and accurate tracking of information, quick responses, customer services, gamification, and new tools of engagement.

Moving Past Roadblocks

Payers must establish orchestrated workflows by mapping a member’s journey, to avoid communication overload, and sending out hyper-personalized engagement collaterals such as event notifications or health tips.

Getting There

For increasingly effective and efficient member engagement, the payer must modify and update processes frequently, incorporate feedback, analyze their infrastructure capabilities, workflows and upgrade them, to match the expected goals of the strategy.

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