Devops With AWS Resources

DevOps is more of a culture that focuses on the frictionless collaboration and seamless integration of software development and operations management. It is a means to facilitate the efficient development and deployment of the planned work to increase the security and robustness of a healthcare application. DevOps also increases stakeholders’ visibility of the development process. As the more traditional enterprises realize the importance of DevOps, understanding it in detail becomes important.

In this whitepaper, we cover Devops possibilities with AWS, including the toolkit, framework, and Amazon Cloud tools:

The DevOps Process

DevOps is a comprehensive process that spans the software delivery lifecycle. Automation is one of the critical aspects of the DevOps process, and we cover all the essential details.

The DevOps Framework

It is essential to choose the right tools to enhance the collaboration between the development and operations teams. We cover the details of the ideal DevOps framework and its elementary components.

DevOps Tools from the Amazon Cloud

Learn more about the DevOps tools and the techniques that are provided by the Amazon cloud. We give you a graphical representation of what you need and how you must configure them.

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