The healthcare industry has been trying for years to reduce the burden of implementing quality measurement, clinical decision support (CDS), and clinical outcome quantification to improve the quality of care and lower costs. The challenge was the lack of a common language among these tools.

Welcome to CQL, an expression language bringing together different worlds of eCQMs & Clinical Decision support with a common language.

Comply with CMS mandate using fewer resources for Quality Measures & ‘CDS with CQL’ implementation

The current chaos!


  • No computable logic by HQMF & QDM
  • Interpretation risk with no unified expressions language
  • Dependencies on various data sources
  • Revenue loss lead by reporting inaccuracies
  • Loss of patients due to poor rating
  • Investments to comply with ongoing CQMs’ change


Why do you need CQL?


Preferred standards by the CMS for ’19 eCQM.


Applying measures address unwarranted variation at the point of care within the EHR


Out of the box CQL measures & CDS eliminate disagreement between systems


With auto-translation & CDS implementation, fewer resources & lesser time spent by them


Deploy analytics framework that uses technology & CQL to drive performance

How do we help you achieve this?

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