While the last decade pushed the boundaries of digitization in US healthcare, most EHRs were kept busy just chasing regulations. In doing that, many aspects that EHR vendors would have addressed, as a business, remained ignored. It’s time to pursue endeavors that generate business value, not just the satisfaction of regulatory compliance.

Challenges Most EHRs Need to Address in 2022

Challenges for Healthcare Providers

User adoption negatively impacted
Customer churn

The weight of technical debt
Drives sub-optimal choices

Ability to integrate with ecosystem
Limited market pull

Painful and expensive DevOps
Bleeding dollars

Delayed customer activations
Revenue leakage

Bug-riddled releases
Dipping CSAT

Regulatory Compliance
Cures Act stealing focus

Taxing Manual workflows
Killing provider productivity

Business Areas to focus on

You chart the vision, we pave the road

Reinvent UX

Reinvent UX

Look beyond the ‘sufficient’ and discover your EHR’s new avatar. UX isn’t just about colors and pretty, its much deeper than that. Offer a mix of simplicity, appeal and productivity with a twist of intuitive journey and turn your customers into your ambassadors.

Bye-Bye Legacy

As the world moves to microservices, cloud and the mobile, its time to clear the technical debt and get current. Get away from the shackles of technical debt to leverage the arsenal of powerful, modern technologies.

Bye-Bye Legacy
Ecosystem-wide interoperability

Ecosystem-wide interoperability

With FHIR/USCDI slated to be the new normal in the journey to an app-based ecosystem, this demands uninterrupted focus. Our experience with HL7, CCDA, FHIR, EDI, NCPDP, DICOM etc. gets you the know-how for a scalable, low maintenance future.

Quality + DevOps Overhaul

With the complexities of business workflows and frequent product releases, extent of automation needs to be pushed. Focus on Test automation, quality assurance controls and CI/CD philosophy can cut down a great deal of customer support traffic post releases.

Quality + DevOps Overhaul
‘Productive’ compliance

‘Productive’ compliance

Information blocking, RWT and Price transparency will take a good deal of mindshare of EHR vendors. However, implementations of these need to align with real-world business workflows in order to generate tangible business value. If not done well, these could prove to be an albatross around the neck.

Workflow Automation

There are opportunities to automate workflows WITHIN EHRs that can be capitalized to reduce the provider burden. And then, there are those that transcend applications. RPA can be a potent remedy for the latter. With understanding of practice settings, we can help you uncover and achieve both.

Workflow Automation

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