Welcome to the world of 7030!

Those familiar with Revenue Cycle Management would recall the wave of changes that HIPAA 5010 brought in 2012. The ever evolving nature of the US healthcare necessitates the need for an introduction of newer methods of doing things. After the adoption of 5010, newer scenarios and needs arose and they need to be addressed. As a result, the next version termed 6010 was introduced. After a pilot run of 6010, many deficiencies were discovered that demanded a revision, which is today known as 7030.

With several comment cycles, the final comment period would conclude by Q4 ’17 and the standard release will follow soon after.

Major Changesexpected

Who does it affect?

As soon as 7030 is presented and adopted by the HHS, all applications processing EDIs, practice management systems, billing applications, clearinghouses, payers and other entities will have to upgrade to the new 7030 standards. As a result, the daily activities and workflows of billers and providers in some cases will witness a change.

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